Why HomeSend?

HomeSend is a leading player in the revolution to transform the way funds flow cross-border. HomeSend is a joint venture of Mastercard (majority shareholder) and Wameja, that specialises in cross-border payments.

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Our vision

HomeSend’s vision is to transform cross-border payments by connecting the world in a way that is safe, convenient, and cost‑effective.

Our global network

Our backbone is our comprehensive global network which enables paying Financial Institutions (Banks, Mobile Money Operators, Money Transfer Organisations and more) to transfer funds to receiving Financial Institutions in a way that is safe, swift, and cost-effective.

One single, secure connection provides paying Financial Institutions with global reach to consumers and corporates via a diverse range of channels.

North America

1 country

1 end-point


36 countries

40 end-points

Latin America & Caribbean

22 countries

22 end-points

Middle East & Africa

24 countries

31 end-points

Asia Pacific

17 countries

25 end-points

Benefits of joining HomeSend

Global coverage

Global coverage through a single connection

One single, secure connection to the HomeSend network enables paying Financial Institutions to transfer funds to receiving Financial Institutions across the globe in a way that is safe, convenient and cost-effective.

Security and data protection

Our systems and processes meet the highest industry standards to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of any transactional data processed by the HomeSend platform. We are PCI DSS certified.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved customer experience

Financial Institutions and their end-users benefit from greater transparency as well as faster, more predictable delivery of funds.

Simple integration: APIs

Typically 6-8 weeks with strong API support.

Flexibility & control

HomeSend customers have the option to control pricing (end-user service fees and FX rates) themselves or to rely on the HomeSend system to manage and configure their end-user service charges for them.

End-to-End Compliance

End-to-end compliance

We are authorised to act as an intermediary payment service provider by the National Bank of Belgium. All of our network participants are duly vetted and required to comply with the highest international standards and best practices. Customer funds are strictly segregated.

Powers Mastercard

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Joint Venture

These global players have joined forces to transform the way money moves globally

The world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.

Leader in mobile money and mobile financial services with over 30 years’ experience supporting Telco’s and financial institutions worldwide. Has over 65 customers across 50 countries.


“NDB is delighted to be partnered with HomeSend. We have partnered with HomeSend since September 2016 and are pleased to see the progress made since then on transactions received from the HomeSend Hub. With HomeSend we have been able to allow our customers greater convenience and security while sending money from abroad to their loved ones here in Sri Lanka. We are impressed with the excellent on-boarding experience, the single connection that allows receiving from over 50+ partners and the cost saving vs. competitor offerings.”

Raj Aboobucker, NDB Bank

Vice President Retail and Institutional Banking

“We have partnered with HomeSend since July 2015 and are pleased with the progress made since then on transactions received from the HomeSend Hub. By sending a Mobile Money remittance, families receive it instantly, securely and easily into their eZ Cash wallets. This has helped many Sri Lankans to receive funds around the clock and use it for their daily needs, paying bills and educational expenses. We are impressed with the ease in on-boarding experience and the single connection that allows receiving from multiple partners across the world in one go.”

Fariq Cader, Dialog Axiata

Vice President Digital Services

“TransferGalaxy is pleased to have partnered with HomeSend since 2015. HomeSend has been an important partner in TransferGalaxy’s growth journey and we look forward to a fruitful partnership for many years to come. Even when we were a very small player at the start of the collaboration, we felt that HomeSend was very accommodative and willing to help. Without the partnership with HomeSend, we would not be where we are today, helping our customers send money to their loved ones cheaper, faster, more conveniently and more securely.”

Ali Mohamed, TransferGalaxy

Co-Founder & CTO, TransferGalaxy