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For Money Transfer Organisations

Boost your global footprint for international money transfers and gain access to new payment channels.

HomeSend offers Money Transfer Organisations the opportunity to expand their global footprint and access new payment instruments through our reach to diverse channels including bank accounts, cards and mobile wallets.

Why choose HomeSend?

Extend your digital reach

through access to HomeSend’s global bank account footprint as well as Mobile Money solutions across the world.

End-to-End Compliance

End-to-end compliance

We are authorised to act as an intermediary payment service provider by the National Bank of Belgium. All of our network participants are duly vetted and required to comply with the highest international standards and best practices. Customer funds are strictly segregated.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved customer experience

Money Transfer Organisations and their end-users (senders and receivers) benefit from enhanced security and faster delivery of funds using digital channels.


“TransferGalaxy is pleased to have partnered with HomeSend since 2015. HomeSend has been an important partner in TransferGalaxy’s growth journey and we look forward to a fruitful partnership for many years to come. Even when we were a very small player at the start of the collaboration, we felt that HomeSend was very accommodative and willing to help. Without the partnership with HomeSend, we would not be where we are today, helping our customers send money to their loved ones cheaper, faster, more conveniently and more securely.”

Ali Mohamed, TransferGalaxy

Co-Founder & CTO, TransferGalaxy