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For Banks

Boost your cross-border payments services with a faster, more transparent, and more cost-effective solution.

HomeSend uniquely meets cross-border payment needs for banks, modernising the way funds are sent and received cross-border; this drives an improved customer experience for consumer and corporate end-users.

Why choose HomeSend?

Global coverage

Global network

One single connection to HomeSend provides banks with reach to consumers and corporates in 100 countries (and growing), and to diverse channels including bank accounts, cards, mobile wallets, and cash-out locations.

Transparent pricing

The local currency amount delivered to the beneficiary is set and communicated to the payer at the time of transaction initiation.

End-to-End Compliance

End-to-end compliance

We are authorised to act as an intermediary payment service provider by the National Bank of Belgium. All of our network participants are duly vetted and required to comply with the highest international standards and best practices. Customer funds are strictly segregated.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved customer experience

Banks and their end-users (consumers and corporates) benefit from greater transparency as well as faster more predictable delivery of funds.