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Systems Security Engineer

Company description

HomeSend is a leading player in the revolution to transform the way funds flow cross-border. It is designed to work with banks, mobile money operators, money transfer organizations and more helping them modernize the way they make and receive cross-border payments so they can provide a better service to their end-users.

Our backbone is our comprehensive global network which enables ‘paying’ Financial Institutions (banks, mobile money operators, money transfer organizations and more) to transfer funds to ‘receiving’ Financial Institutions in a way that is safe, swift, and cost-effective

HomeSend is a joint venture of Mastercard (majority shareholder) and eServGlobal that specializes in cross-border payments.


The Systems Security Engineer (SSE) is responsible for effective analysis of system reports with a view of determining whether a security risk is present and drive changes to the system configuration in order to make the environments more secure.

In addition, the SSE will configure and maintain the systems elements for the testing environments of the HomeSend service, deployed as a software as a service in a virtual data center. The SSE will work in close partnership with the Chief Information Security Officer, the Security Administrators, the System and Network Administrators (SNAs) and the Chief Technical Architect (CTA). He/she ensures that operating systems and network, software systems, and related procedures adhere to our security policies and organizational values.

The SSE participates in technical research and development to increase the overall robustness of our platforms from a security perspective and acts as a catalyst for continuous innovation in defense against new threats as they become apparent. The SSE will work closely with the SNAs to provide specialist feedback relating to information security. He/she will monitor the consistency between the test and production platforms.

The function will also act as an SNA for back –office corporate IT applications that are hosted on Linux servers.

All About You

Technical knowledge – Technical environments

• VMware server-side virtualization solutions
• Linux system administration, in particular RedHat and/or Ubuntu Server
• Apache, nginx, haproxy configuration
• High-availability methods and software (keepalived, …)
• IPv4 routing and configuration (including traffic shaping), VPNs (IPSec, OpenVPN…)
• Network security (design, tools)
• Configuration management (Puppet…)
• Log management and tools (ELK stack…)
• Centralized authentication management (FreeIPA, Kerberos…)
• Security tools (IPS, IDS…)
• Scripting (preferably Python)
• Basic Windows administration

Qualifications and experience

• System Administration, Operating Systems (including VMware), Architecture Skills, Networking Knowledge
• LAN Knowledge, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Multi-tasking, Quality Focus, Coordination, Technical Understanding, Quick Study, Technical
• Experience in network administration, information security and security network protocols
• Proficiency with encryption firewalls authorization methodologies and Web filtering authentication, anti-virus software, log management
• Skills in data analysis and network security threat identification
• Can convey complex technical information clearly and accessibly
• Experience with security policy development and enforcement is an asset
• Spoken and written technical English is mandatory.



Grenoble, France

Alternatively, please send your CV and cover letter to the following email address to apply.